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Mobile Marketing is an Absolute Must-Have

Remember when businesses weren't sure if they needed a website - now, it's required or they don't "exist"

VERY soon, business 'existence' will depend on having a mobile app. Mobile technology is here to stay. Embrace it. Use it. Take your business to the next level. Your customers require a deeper relationship with your business, and with mobile, they can get it - or they will with your competition.

Don't even CONSIDER mobile marketing before you read this report!

Of US consumers that have a business' app on their phone...

Over 45% of them visited the business more often, over 30% of them encouraged their friends to visit the business, and over 35% of them told a friend about their experience.
- ABI Research

Your Customers Are Using Apps

  • 65 billion app downloads on both Apple and Google Android devices to date.
  • The average cell phone user spends 127 minutes per day in apps.
  • The average cell phone user looks at their phone 150 times per day.
  • Your customers are using apps and your business needs to be where they're looking in order to capitalize on the mobile boom that's happening. People spend almost double the amount of time in apps than they spend browsing the web and are on track to surpass the time spent watching television.

Your website is informative, your mobile app is engaging.
Working with the right company can make all the difference.
So, why us?

Try it before you buy it:

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