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The Internet ... It’s Incredible!

A web user can imagine anything, then find it online.

Each searchturns up millions of pages, filledwith information, from every corner of earth.

The choice, for your real estate prospects is huge!  And amidst those millions of pages you must be found in order to 
grow your business.

So, for you...choice is your ENEMY!
And Chances Are, You're Invisible!

And being invisible is costing you a fortune.

Put ThePower Of Internet Technology
To Work For Your Business Today!

Because you are readingthis now, chances are you’ve come face-to-face

with a brutal truth about your real estate .business...
  • You may be the best agent in your area....you may have the best inventory in your city.
  • You may even be the best salesperson, and have a great sales team.

If You Don't Have Strong Internet Presence
-- You Are Missing a Boatload Of Business

And the internet is THE way new business finds you.

Today, nothing gives you better exposure in your marketplace than the internet, because....

If people can't find you, you're telling them it's okay
to call or work with your competition

Your Website Is Nothing More Than A Virtual
Business Card...Money And Time Wasted!

How many perspective clients are out there 'looking for property'
but can't find your site because they don't know you exist?

How many new leads and business relationships are you losing
because your website sites dep in Internet obscurity?

 Your prospects know ...

'A Realtor Worth Calling' In Your Market Can Be Found On...
... Yahoo!,
.... and Bing.

Your goal is simple.  Get found.  Be visible.  Build business.
Every hour of every day, hundreds of perspective clients are using their computers
looking for a Realtor site to search for property, and...

"...You're nowhere to be found."

 "I know.  I had it happen to me."
Hi. My name is Aaron Ayotte.

I really struggled my first few years in the real estate business as an investor specializing in short sales. I was always chasingmy tail, finding a way to make ends meet before the next closing. 

What I needed was more homeowners and Realtors to see my website so that they knew I could help them get short sales done.  But, the problem was, I didn't know how to do it.

So I went on the hunt for any kind of course or instruction I could get my hands on that would teach me how to get found online.

I learned how to start a blog, create videos, build a YouTube channel, use social networks trying to point people to blog articles, and build link wheels ... anything and everything that could get me exposure.
 You name it, I studied and implemented it.
But, I was doing all this complicated and time consuming stuff and it was at least six months before I started seeing any results.

And once those results did come, and I started showing up on the first page of Google because of what I learned, more Realtors started calling me asking for help with short sales, and my business was absolutely transformed, growing like crazy.

I had to hire help, get an office, and buy software to keep everything organized.  And now, instead of closing 1 transaction per month like I did in the beginning, we close about 3-4 short sales per month, and have done so consistently for years!  So, I basically TRIPLED my business! 

...and getting found was the key.

And while these days my short sale business is still thriving from being found online, I spend the majority of my time helping Realtors improve their own online exposure so that THEIR businesses can grow like mine did, faster than I ever thought possible.

But don't worry.  Getting found online in your market doesn't include all the complicated, time-consuming stuff that I did.  In fact, looking back I'd never do it that way again.

I promise that what I am about to reveal to you is EXTREMELY EASY and will make an incredible difference in your online presence.
Here's the deal.  There's a little-known way to boost the internet exposure you desperately need.  And you can make it all happen on your own -- in about an hour -- and I want to show you how!

Here's How It Works

Let's say someone does a search for a Realtor in Denver, CO.
They type their keywords in the search bar, and Google returns the best local results.

The directory shows key information about each site listed, including web links, phone numbers, and other important information about the business.

So, how DO these businesses show up here?  

This looks like a good place to be, right?  It is.
           WARNING:  You may THINK you have your own LOCAL listing
     showing up here, but you could be looking at your broker's information.
                   If that's the case, the exposure isn't directly yours!

When a search engine returns a results page, part of the results consist of LOCAL RESULTS, and further down the page, you see other results like website links and other content Google thinks is relevant, and you also see clickable ads at the very top of the page, as well as in the right-side margin.
These three areas all look different.

The results that show up in the main part of the page, usually below the local listings are called 'organic results' because they naturally appear there based on what Google thinks is most relevant to what you're looking for.  The same thing happens with Yahoo! and Bing search engines.

What you want is to have your business listed in the local directories of the search engines so that your site is selected and shown as a valid local result for the user.

Of course, no one can guarantee you'll be listed on the first page of a search engine, but being listed in their directories gives you an unfair advantage over your competitors.  Most of which I assure you don't even know this one little strategy.

One thing is for certain, if you're NOT listed in these directories you have absolutely zero chance of showing up in the local results, and...

It's Likely that Your Website Will Sit in Total Internet Obscurity.

Meanwhile, your competitors will be snatching up all the leads you could have because they're being found and you're not.  Your competitors are literally siphoning money right out of YOUR pocket, and into THEIRS.
So the Bottom Line Is: As a busy Realtor, you need a FAST, EASY, and AFFORDABLE way for your internet prospects to find your site and search for property so they contact YOU!  What I am sharing with you today accomplishes all 3!
  • FAST:  You can do this in about an hour....
  • EASY:  My instructional video will walk you, step-by-step, through what to do (even if you are clueless about SEO computer talk) ...
  • AFFORDABLE:  It's so inexpensive you can't afford to pass it up...

I call it the 'Local Directory Quick-Start Kit'
and I've Tested it on my Own Websites

And it works to perfection.

Now ... it's your turn.

Here's What You'll Get

You'll receive a 22 minute, easy-to-understand video that walks you through every step in the process of getting your local directory listings set up for your website on each of the three major search engines, Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.  It's monkey-simple (even if you don't know                      how to turn on a computer).

You'll also receive an accompanying 7-page guide if you'd rather read how to do this.  
(Or, simply watch the video while you follow the prompts in your guide as I explain what to do.) 

You can literally do this while enjoying your first cup of coffee in the morning.  
But, if you'd rather not have anything to do with doing this yourself...


I've thought of that too.  For a small additional cost, we'll do it FOR YOU.

That's because, we both know...

"Time Is Money And
We Understand If You Just Want it Done"

Most Realtors say...

"Aaron, I know I need more web exposure, but I don't have the time to learn how to get it.  I'm a Realtor, not an SEO expert.  I'm clueless where to start.

That's exactly why I created this.

This Is A Perfect Fit For You IF...

  • You're looking for a fast, easy, and affordable way to 'step up your game' and be competitive in your local market ...
  • You're fed up with spending all your money on postcards that seldom get you the results you're looking for ...
  • You know the internet is how TOP Realtors generate the majority of their leads ...
  • You're sick and tired of 'dialing for dollars' calling 'in-office' leads that talk your head off but don't end up buying anything.
  • You know that relying on only one lead source, like referrals, could be business suicide.

You Can Close This Page IF...

  • You're satisfied with where you are as a Realtor, and have all the business you want ..
  • You think your real estate business will grow regardless of whether or not
    you use the internet ...
  • You don't think the internet can bring you leads and new business ...
  • You have an 'old-school' mindset, and you're not ready to take your real estate
    business to the next level ...

I'm sure you didn't become a Realtor to work long hours while your competitors snatch up all the internet exposure, did you?

So, What's Being Found Online Worth to You?

You have goals for your business and dreams for your life.  And I'm guessing those goals involve growing your business so that it works FOR you (rather than you working for IT).

How much more money would you make if you could:

... have one more closing per month ...

... have three more closings per month ...

... Or, have five more closings per month ...

As you know in real estate, getting just one more client could be worth thousands of dollars to you.  In some cases, tens of thousands of dollars.

The point is, my 'Local Directory Quick-Start Kit' could be worth a small (or even large) fortune to you.  The good news is, you don't have to invest a fortune to put it to work.

If you take action today, right now by investing in the Local Directory Quick-Start Kit, you can have that new lead worth thousands of dollars in just a few weeks, and the investment is only...


Yup.  That's right.  This is not a joke.

That's less than a tank of gas!  And, when you consider what you get for the investment ... it's a no-brainer.

Imagine finally having your website show up as a local business so prospects can find, search for property, and connect with you, giving you the chance to make thousands without spending thousands hiring some SEO company.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, if you want us to do the work for you so that you don't have to lift a finger, just choose the Done-4-You option and we'll handle it for you for only $147.

But you need to act today because honestly, I don't know how long I'll be able to offer these prices, especially the Done-4-You option.  I think I've lost my mind.

And This is Where My Offer Goes from Awesome to Stupid 

            I'm Going to Bribe You with Not 2,
            but 4 FREE Bonuses!  
            (Worth A Total of $396.00!)

FREE Visibility Report:  $149 VALUE.  This report is like giving your website a 'physical'.  It will rank it with a score between 0 - 100, and tell you how you're 'seen' in local directory searches.  It's a priceless tool.  No more guessing.  You'll know exactly how 'seen' or 'unseen' your site is online.

FREE 30-Min., Private Consulting Call with Me:  $129 VALUE.  I'll take a look at your website, your visibility report, your social media pages, and where you stand regarding keywords for people trying to find you.  I'll also cover other marketing strategies you can use in your real estate business.

FREE Lead-Generation Report:  $79 VALUE.  This is a 14-page report with tested and proven strategies you can implement for your own lead generation system to attract high-quality prospects to your business.  No more cold-calling or waiting for leads.  This report will literally change the way you do                        business.

My Recent Interview Where we Discuss My 'Local Directory Quick-Start Kit:  $39 VALUE.  This high-impact, MP3 audio takes you behind the scenes and explains how to use my Local Directory Quick-Start Kit to increase your web exposure.  The interview also covers other little-known marketing strategies                    to help you gorw your real estate business.

I know you're skeptical about how only a few steps, all done in about an hour, can help your website be found online as a local business, especially since I'm telling you its easy and everything you've heard before is to the contrary.

And that's okay.  I've been there.

Back when I was spending money on every course and piece of instruction I could find to help me get online exposure, I felt exactly the same way, which is exactly why I'm taking all the risk...

  And offering you the following, 100% RISK-FREE guarantee.


"The Best Damn Guarantee In the Business!"

If after you watch the video and follow the guide, you still don't feel like you can do it, or, you don't want us to do it for you ... don't worry.  I'll gladly refund 100% of your money.  No questions asked.  No hassles.

You can KEEP the lead-generation bonus report as my gift to you, AND I WILL STILL MEET WITH YOU FOR THE 30-MINUTE CONSULTATION.

I feel this is as fair as I can be.  That means you can try out the 'Local Directory Quick-Start Kit' at my risk.  If you find it too complicated or you just don't want to do it, or have us do it for you, I honestly WANT YOU to ask for your money back.  But I'm sure you will find this simple strategy very easy to do. I wouldn't have spent the time and effort creating the 'Local Directory Quick Start Kit' and writing this letter for you if I didn't think it would give your business a huge boost in the search results.

Now, you may be wondering why in the world would I make such a valuable offer for such a low price with such a powerful guarantee and bonuses.

The answer is two words.

Breakthrough Broker. 

It's because of my relationship with the creators of Breakthrough Broker that I'm able to offer this screaming deal to you.

No one else is getting this at this price anywhere else on the web or in print.

No one.

So, that means you're getting my 'Local Directory Quick-Start Kit' for roughly 75% off what I typically charge, along with hundreds of dollars worth of additional bonuses, absolutely free.

Right now you have two choices.

You can either do  nothing and remain in internet obscurity, letting perspective clients worth thousands of dollars click on other Realtor sites to find other properties to buy ...


You can take action today by investing $47 or $147 in your business, and be found.  Getting the lead and possibly the new client that you otherwise wouldn't have.

Imagine having your phone ring over and over again without having to mail thousands of postcards, make cold calls, or chase every lead that comes your way because you NEED it.

Imagine the luxury of being able to choose who you want to work with because you have more leads than you have time.  This is what increasing your web exposure with my 'Local Directory Quick-Start Kit' can do for you.

So, you have my permission.

Go ahead, take advantage of me with a clear conscience.

I don't mind...

To Your Success,

Aaron Ayotte

PS:  If it hasn't already occurred to you, by the time you review the specifics of my 'Local Directory Quick-Start Kit', you WILL conclude this is an outrageously generous, very UNDER-priced product ... which will make you wonder; why so much value for such a low price?  Good thinking!

PPS:  Your FREE bonuses alone are worth at least $391.  Far more than the $47 or $147 for your total investment. When you think about it, that's less than a few Starbucks' Lattes.  Plus you have zero risk.  That's because you're protected by my 30-day ironclad, money-back guarantee.

PPPS:  The last thing you want on your mind a year or two from now is the nagging, ever-present 'voice of regret'. The voice of reality that constantly reminds you that for a measly 47 bucks you could have made a wise investment in your business -- and chose not to.  Don't make that mistake and let your competition snatch this out from under your feet.