How Much Do Mobile Apps Cost To Develop?

How Much Do Mobile Apps Cost?…Well, It Depends.

I’m sure in your search for finding information on how much it costs to develop a mobile app for your business or organization, you’ve seen a wide range of answers. There are ‘free’ sites out there that allow a user to create their own app for no design for little or design cost and minimal hosting fees, but you get what you pay for. Just as WordPress is a free platform to create websites for no cost doesn’t mean that the end product will be good or generate income.

Truth is, there is a very wide range of prices in the development a mobile app, from a few thousand dollars to potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can spend whatever you want and the cost is largely driven by what you’re trying to accomplish. And honestly, my research into this fact is what led me to start Mobile App Designz.

I learned that most companies charge in the neighborhood of $3,000 – $5,000 for a customized iPhone app….JUST an iPhone app. So if you want to also have the app available for iPad, you could expect to add another 25% – 50% to the cost, and again, if you wanted to have the app available on Android devices (the predominant marketplace), you could expect to add even more to the cost.

With us, you’ll always get your app designed and ready for all 3 platforms, iPhone, iPad, and Android for one simple price. No piece-meal, or a-la-cart pricing here. In a word, easy. But everyone and every business has different needs, from the idea, to functionality, to the design and layout itself, and for that reason we don’t publish pricing on our site. But rest assured, one of the things we pride ourselves on is our ability to beat the ‘other developers’ in price and support. You won’t pay the $3k -$5k per platform to get your app designed and launched and you won’t pay for changes later.

Included with all of our apps is nearly 24/7 technical assistance, free membership into our private facebook group where the community benefits from everyone else’s ideas about they’ve best capitalized on the app’s use, free membership into our “App-Solute Success” program with additonal monthly benefits, and free design changes and updates for life (other companies love a reason to charge more later).

Truth is, I love small business and I love what small business does for our national economy. And if my company can be the mobile app partner for other small businesses so that they can capitalize on this new technology for a shockingly reasonable investment, then I consider that a win-win.

Oh yeah, we also provide a fully-customized preview of your app before you buy it. We look at this as our commitment to you – a commitment to your understanding of how powerful this technology is, and how it can be for your business and your bottom line. Just as you get to check out pretty-much any other product on the market before you buy, we don’t see why a custom mobile app should be any different.

Mobile App Designz:
*Always 3 platforms
*Always 1 price
*Always world-class support

Request your FREE customized preview here.


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