Mobile App vs. Mobile Website. Which Is Better?

The Mobile App vs. Mobile Website Question Is Quite Interesting.

I get asked all the time which is better, a mobile app or a mobile website?

The short answer is BOTH – and the graphic below explains it all!

 photo app-or-website_v4_zps256c9673.png


It can be hard to decide where to start, a mobile site or a mobile app.  I understand.  But it really depends on your goals.

If you main goal is to just have people be able to access your site information in a way that is easy to view on a smart phone or similar device, then maybe you just need a mobile site.  Visitors can find what’s most important to them with minimal pinch-and-zoom hassles and they’ll likely have a good experience.

But, if your main goal is interactivity, than a native mobile app is what you want.  With a native mobile app, you’re able to send out push notifications, which are short messages that go directly to the users phone via the app and tells them of new and exciting information, like new specials you’ve created, an event at your place, or nearby that may interest them, fan walls where they can leave comments and have discussions with other users, etc.

As the graphic shows, mobile sites and mobile apps are both definitely useful and can be used to drive more dollars to the bottom line… apps in a more personal way than mobile sites, and as the graphic points out, preferred by smart phone users over mobile sites.

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