Making a Mobile App Effective is Key, Especially When Mobile Devices Will Outnumber People in the World by the End of This Year!

I read an interesting article this week talking about some research done by Cisco Systems.

Their analysis showed that mobile devices will outnumber humans by the end of this year.

Cisco also predicts that by 2016, there will be 10 billion mobile-connected devices around the world and networks will be carrying 130 exabytes of data each year. (That’s the equivalent of 33 billion DVDs.) On the other hand, there will only be 7.3 billion humans on the planet at that time.

To expand on how fast the mobile market is expanding, they also state that mobile data traffic in 2011 was eight times the size of the global Internet in 2000.

Do you remember when small businesses wondered if they even NEEDED a website?  Now if they don’t have one, they pretty-much don’t exist.

Now, enter the mobile explosion.

It will be very soon when a business will be judged based on whether or not they have a mobile app.

So when you take into consideration that the internet was not really in its “infancy” in 2000, in fact, it had already become a part of our everyday lives.

Now think about the fact that there is already 8x as much traffic on mobile platforms alone!…something we’ve never experienced before.

If businesses don’t consider mobile in their marketing strategies RIGHT NOW, and more specifically a mobile app, they’re leaving sales and customer loyalty on the table.


A mobile app that provides a good interactive experience for a business’ customers provides huge opportunities for that business to keep those customers loyal through functions like in-app rewards, coupons and specials only available to app users, and push notifications that communicate value to the users right on their phones.

This is a crucial point to understand….that for a mobile app to truly be effective and generate an ROI for the business, interactivity is an absolute MUST.

A mobile app with just static information about the business, links to a site (that’s most likely not mobile-optimized anyway), and maybe a few images won’t cut it.  Users will uninstall it within minutes.

A mobile app IS the marketing arm of the future, but it’s here now.  Those that embrace it, will be way ahead of their competition with a very loyal following by the time their competitors figure out what happened.

Here’s some other key information published in that same Cisco report “to chew on”:

  • Average smartphone usage nearly tripled in 2011, from 55 MB per month in 2010 to 150 MB per month.
  • Smartphones represent only 12 percent of global handsets in use today, but they handle over 82 percent of total global handset traffic.
  • In 2011, the typical smartphone generated 35 times more mobile data traffic(150 MB per month) than the typical basic-feature cell phone (which generated only 4.3 MB per month of mobile data traffic).


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