What Are the Most Important Aspects of Mobile App Design?

Mobile App Design is new, no doubt. So what do you need to know?

Mobile App Design doesn’t have to be complicated, or expensive.

Remember when business owners wondered if they needed a website? – and now if they don’t have one, they don’t exist.

That’s where we are right now with mobile apps….in the wild, wild west….a time when businesses are wondering if they need an app at all.  But according to the current statistics on mobile apps, it will be very soon when business existence will shift to whether or not they have an app – websites will be secondary.

Consider these facts:
* Smartphone will grow at more than a 30% compound annual growht rate for the next five years globally
* More people in the world own a cell phone than a toothbrush
* 64% of smart phone usage is time spent in mobile apps
* More than 33 million U.S. customers already engage in shipping-related activities on their mobile phones
* The average smart phone user has 41 apps downloaded on their device – up 28% from last year.

It is very clear that there’s a huge shift taking place from desktop and laptop to mobile.  (I don’t know about you, but when I read that there are more people in the world that own a cell phone than a toothbrush, I was pretty astonished.)  And anytime there’s a shift in technology like this, everyone has to figure it out.

Businesses are learning how having a mobile app can drive more to their bottom line and customers are learning how having mobile apps installed on their devices provides them with benefits they may not of otherwise had, like specific specials, coupons, notifications about specific events and goings-on, and the ability to interact with the business in real-time.

But in order for this new technology-based relationship to add to the businesses’ bottom line, the mobile app design must be done in such a way that the finished product 1) encourages customers to install and use it, 2) provides benefits to the customer that the customer can’t get anywhere else, and 3) be easy to use.

There are many ways a business can entice customers to install a business’ app, from offering something free, offering an app-specific coupon, or other motivator that has a high perception of value to the consumer.  By having an offer like “FREE Dessert” on a restaurant mobile app, for example, would make the customer feel a part of a special group – those with the app – because this offer isn’t available anywhere esle through the business’ other marketing channels.

Once installed on the customer’s device, the mobile app’s design should make it very obvious to the customer why they installed it in the first place and why it’s in their best interest to keep it on their mobile device and use it often.  There should be features and functions included in the mobile app’s design that are cool, fun, and that give the user a reason to access it.  Things like tip calculators, fan walls where they can engage with the business and other customers, and push notes where the users get specific messages taylored to them that they won’t get via email, direct mail postcards, or hear on a radio ad.

And because apps are very different from websites, and even mobile optimized websites, the ease of use should stand out to the customer with minimal effort.  If you have a smart phone and have tried to access standard websites with it, then you know how difficult that can be.  Mobile optimized websites attempt to fix this problem, bringing the most needed information into a more easily viewable interface for mobile devices, but the one thing they lack is the interactive portion….no push notes, instantly redeemable coupons, etc.

The bottom line is that If the mobile app design is done properly, customers will want to install it, they’ll want to use it, and once they have it on their device, they’ll wonder why you didn’t have one sooner and why they didn’t look to see if your business had one sooner.

Ensuring that all of these aspects are included are job #1 for Mobile App Designz.  After all, if the app isn’t effective and designed to provide your business an return on investment, what’s the point in having one?  Having the proper mobile app design for any business or organization is crucial to reaping the benefits of this very new marketing platform.  That’s why we provide a FREE customized preview – a try-it-before-you-buy-it approach if you will – for any business interested in seeing how having the proper mobile app design can increase sales, improve the relationships with current customers, and generate new relationships driving in more sales and profit.

For your FREE customized preview, go here to request your appointment.  Oh yeah, by requesting a free custom preview, you’ll also be automatically entered into our quarterly, TOTALLY FREE, app giveaway!  You have nothing to lose, and possibly a free app to gain.  Go here now.

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