“Paint ‘da Fence.” Uuuuup. Dowwwn.

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Can you hear him?

Mr. Miyagi saying, “Paint da fence. Uuuuuup. Dowwwwwn. Uuuuuuup. Dowwwwwn.

It’s one of my favorite movies of all time, well series of movies actually.

The story about the underdog kid that gets picked on by the bullies at school only to get redemption in the end at a high-profile karate tournament.

And although you know how all of the movies will end, it’s fun to watch the story unfold as Daniel, the main character, learns life lessons from his teacher as well as the karate moves he’ll need to beat his competition.

In the first movie it’s the crane that gets him the winning point. Remember, “the mean kid” nearly broke Daniel’s knee and he was in so much pain at the end that he could only stand on one leg. Good thing he had learned the crane.

Standing on his good leg with his bad knee raised in front of him, hands in the air like a bird’s wings he jumps to his bad leg only to kick his opponent in the nose with his good one.

Point. Match. Champion.

In each of the movies there’s some big life lesson for Daniel as well as more karate techniques to learn as his opponents get tougher and tougher. And it doesn’t matter that the movie-going public knows ahead of time basically how the story will go, millions of people shelled out their hard-earned cash to lose themselves for a couple hours in these David vs. Goliath movies.

In business, we don’t always know how the story will end, do we?

As much as we’d like to THINK we do, with our lifestyles improving consistently every year, more money and time freedom, less stress about bills and obligations, being able to live out the pictures we put on our “dream board”, take longer and longer vacations, etc., we get knocked around a bit like Daniel along the way.

Daily, we scratch and fight for every advantage we can find for our business that will help us overcome our competition, whether it’s better service, better product, whatever. And we don’t always have a wise, old Mr. Miyagi standing by to offer advice or lessons that will have us in the victory circle taking out our competition with a crane kick.

One advantage that you absolutely have access to is your own mobile app.

Truth is, most businesses haven’t even STARTED to think about mobile apps and how they can help their business.


Heck, I read a statistic that over 70% of businesses don’t even have a website! Really? Is that even possible?

You’re ahead of the game and most other businesses out there since you’ve already started to gather information about apps and what they can do for you and I want to let you know about another HUGE advancement.


No, not one you’ll have to paint like Daniel did, but the capability to send out a push note to your app users that are in a SPECIFIC AREA!

Picture this…..

You have two locations and you want to run a special event at your 2nd location next weekend. But it doesn’t make sense to send out a message to all of your users about only the 2nd location because they’re 100 miles apart.

So, you geo-fence!

In the back-office dashboard, that all of our clients get access to once their app is live, you first set up the message you want to send. Then, with the interactive map, you drag and drop a pin on your 2nd location. Once the pin is in place, you expand or contract the diameter of the “fence” circle around that pin, designating the area in which you want the message to be sent.

When you send it out, only the people with your app INSIDE THAT CIRCLE will get your message.

How cool is that?

And this has other uses besides for those businesses with multiple locations.

Maybe you want to run a 1-hour special. It wouldn’t make sense to send it to everyone that has your app, if some of those people are more than 1 hour’s drive away.

So, you set up your “fence” for within 10 miles of your business. Those that are in that circle get the message and can come in to take advantage of your offer.

Just as Daniel learned more and more karate throughout the movie series, the advancements of mobile technology are getting better and better at lightning speed. In fact, the advancements in mobile over the last 2 years have been faster than ALL of the advancements on the web SINCE ITS INCEPTION….and there’s no end in sight.

Your customers are using apps for 4 out of every 5 minutes they’re on their smartphones and devices.

They’re looking for yours.

A mobile app for your business is your crane kick to the competition’s nose.

Just fill out the form at the right and get a free customized preview for your business.  I’ll show you how this simple technology can drive more to your bottom line.

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